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Locksmith & Carpentry

Your lock is broken

You can't open or lock your home...

Install a higher security lock cylinder

Replacement of door lock cylinder for new move-in


Emergency Lockout / Opening

Digital Locks Install

Change of Main Door Entrance Set

Change of Door Lock cylinder

Open Cabinets / Mailbox Lock

Door Latch Install

Balcony Door Lock Install

Door Closers

Installation of High-Security Lock:

Medeco or Mul-T-Lock

Our locksmiths can open 99% of all locks and safes with little or no damage caused whatsoever.


  1. Measure to find the lock location.

  2. Bore a hole for the lock cylinder with a hole saw and drill.

  3. I was using a spade bit drill to bore the latch bolt hold.

  4. The plate on the bolt mechanism needs to be inset.

  5. Cut the outline of the recess by holding a chisel with a beveled side facing the inside of the holiday.

  6. To help remove the waste, make a series of parallel depth cuts.

  7. Insert the latch bolt in the edge hole.

  8. Mark the jamb for the correction location and install the strike plate with the screws. Ensure the latch will enter the door while holding it reasonably tight against the doorstop.

The prices are varied subject to destination. Please call us for more details.


Locksmith & Carpentry
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